5 Minutes with musician, Velodrome

Described as "Kate Bush meets medieval minstrels meets the White Stripes" there is nothing to not to like. Velodrome will be performing her quirky guitar set at 3pm in the club room of the venue. We've had a quick chat with Katherine Evans from Velodrome to find out more:

Velodrome Music

You're a classically trained singer and dancer, where did you train and when did you form Velodrome?

Yes I am a classically trained singer. I never got the chance to go to music college but I trained at home with my father who is a pianist and singing teacher. My grandparents were opera singers - though sadly I never heard them sing.

We've been listening to your single 'Steady Girl' constantly in the SoLo Craft Fair office - can you explain to us what the song is about and when you wrote it?

I'm so glad you like Steady Girl! It's a song I wrote unusually quickly for me, one afternoon when I was supposed to go and meet a friend. The song just came to me... and it made me late for my appointment! 


It's a song about my struggle to make a living as an artist and musician in an increasingly expensive and materialistic London.


It's also about my personal experience when I had to sign on at my local job centre: instead of supporting people to get back into long term rewarding work, they humiliate and degrade you and force you into unsuitable roles. It's shameful. 


Lastly, the song is about how anxiety and OCD have affected me and how I manage to live my life despite them....It's so important that we talk more openly about mental health and that it's no longer a stigma.

Who are your musical inspirations?


Oh gosh, I have too many musical inspirations to list them all! I'm inspired by Russian and East European classical composers like Stravinsky and Bartok. Their music is so bohemian, innovative and passionate. I love classic rock n roll bands like the Rolling Stones. And anything from the 80s...Oh I do love a bit of Tina Turner!

Where else can we see you perform in the upcoming months?

I'm finishing a busy summer of touring and festivals by playing at 'Loud Women', a grassroots DIY and feminist music festival in September. Then I'm going back into the studio for Autumn to record my first EP! 


We love you! Where can we keep up to date with all your news?

You can keep up to date with all my news by following me on social media- I'm on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... just search for 'Velodrome Music'. Watch out for my first official studio single in Autumn! I'm currently filming a crazy music video in Yorkshire, where I'm going to be running around dressed as a medieval minstrel!

Make sure you don't miss Velodrome's set at 3pm on Sunday 24th September. Come join us for 50 independent traders, workshops and live music on Sunday 24th September at Prince of Wales, 467- 469 Brixton Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8HH 12-5pm, free entry and sweets!