Interview with London Drawing Group

London Drawing Group are new on the scene bringing their love of drawing to London. From incredible art exhibitions to drawing workshops these three women are the ones to watch.

Do you remember the moment you decided to form the London Drawing Group - what inspired you to start the collective? 

Actually we ended up forming the collective more or less by chance, the three of us met at the Royal Drawing School on The Drawing Intensive term and stayed in contact after we’d studied on it, we went to an exhibition together and the idea for the group came about in response to a residency opportunity at Lewisham Arthouse which turned into our first big project as a group.

How do you feel working as a collective benefits your practice? 

It’s great that there’s three of us because it means that we can share the workload, we all have different strengths and interests and quite often we seem to balance each other out, also when you’re hanging four exhibitions in the space of a month it helps to have three pairs of hands!

How would you describe your artistic styles? 

We’re a totally mixed bunch, our backgrounds are really varied with Fashion, Illustration and Fine Art but we all kind of meet in the middle in our love for drawing which is where LDG came from.

You run many workshops, please tell us about what they include? 

In the past we’ve run a whole series of free workshops and exhibitions at Lewisham Arthouse as part of our residency which went down really well, and we’ve just completed a really successful series of workshops working with the Bridget Riley Art Foundation in the Prints and Drawings department at the British Museum where we were lucky enough to teach classes from some incredible original prints and drawings, including Rubens, Goya and Rembrandt among many others!

What advice would you give to any aspiring artists? 


Which artists do you admire as why? 

Francis Bacon, Picasso, Rodin, Cezanne, Basquiat, Schwitters, there are so many that its hard to choose!

Tell us about LDG's plans for the future?

We’re now starting a new series of weekly life drawing sessions at Buster Mantis in Deptford on Sundays, and we’re currently really excited about organising our next series of events at The National Gallery and Tate Britain as well as a new series of drawing workshops at the British Museum.

What's the best place in London? 

We’re so lucky in London to have so many incredible free artistic resources, The National Gallery, British Museum, V&A, the Tates, all these places have so much history and inspiration that it would be hard to pick just one.