Apply to be in The Soloist, our South London Craft and Culture Magazine 

After the success 0f our Winter edition of The Soloist we are now working on our Spring/ Summer edition. The magazine will have an extensive range of original articles all about South London and alternative ways to fill your free time and get the most out of the local area.

There will be 1000 copies of the magazine distributed across South London and at SoLo Craft Fair events over the Spring/ Summer season, as well as an online edition.

Within the magazine there are two opportunities to advertise your business, either having a product advertised in the Advertorial or by purchasing an advert space. Please read below for more information on either option.


You can apply to have your handmade product in one of our advertorial pages, these will fall under the categories; Homeware & Art, Fashion & Jewellery, Beauty & Kids. It will cost £25 for one item to be featured along with a photograph of the product, your company name, price of item and website link. The online edition of the magazine will link directly to the given website.

Please apply to feature your product in the form below. Please note you can only apply to feature one product per application but you may apply more than one time if you wish to feature multiple products. Please link directly to an image of the photograph. If we accept your application you will be required to send over a high res photograph of the product (minimum 300dpi).

Name *
Category of product
If multiple prices please state the lowest price eg. From £10
If your application is successful, this is the link which will be printed.


To be a part of the magazine, you can purchase a space to promote your independent business. You can apply for an eight page, quarter page, half page or full page. You will be asked to design your ad and send it to us by 20th February. The magazine will be in circulation from April 2019.

Ad specs:

Eigth Page (90 x 65mm / 1063 x 744 pixels - Landscape Advert) - £35

Quarter Page (90 x 133.5mm / 1063 x 1577 pixels - Portrait Advert) - £70

Half Page (90 x 271.5mm / 1063 x 3207 pixels) - Landscape Ad) - £120

Whole Page (with bleed) 214x 305mm (2528 pixels x 3602 pixels) - £200

Resolution: 300dpi

Colour: CMYK

Format: JPEG or PDF

To Apply to have an advert in The Soloist please fill out the form below:

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Which size advert would you like?