Advertise your Local or Handmade Business with us!


At our upcoming events this Winter, we will be handing out SoLo Craft Fair tote bags to our guests and we're offering you the opportunity to either advertise your business with flyers or samples within the tote bags to a captive audience.

Both options to advertise are very affordable and the tote bags will be distributed at our next events at St. Barnabas Parish Hall, Dulwich on 24th November (100 Totes), The Chancery, Beckenham on 1st December (50 Totes) and Balham Bowls Club, Balham on 8th December (100 Totes).

Option 1: Up to 250 flyers (max size A5) - £10

Option 2: Dulwich event only - up to 100 flyers (max size A5) - £.7.50

Option 3: Beckenham event only - up to 50 flyers (max size A5) - £5

Option 4: Balham event only - up to 100 flyers (max size A5) - £7.50

Option 5: Minimum 50 free sample sand flyers - Up to 250 (Max size A5) - Free

Please note, upon acceptance it will be your responsibility to send or deliver us the flyers or samples for the tote bag.

Free samples: if you are able to provide free samples for the tote bags and you can provide a minimum of 50, we will put in your flyers to the tote bags for free.

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